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Supreme Chaos

1 – From Ashes

I’ll stand by your side

Fight for the path unto forgiveness
We honor the vow leading to imperfection
You know every ounce of my past and you’re still here
Focused on what I am inside instead of what I was

I will stand by your side

Can you hear the beating of my heart?

You know all my darkest moments and you chose to overlook every fault
I knew from the first time that I saw you, you were sent by God
To take this wounded soul and make it whole again

Past the bounds of time
The shadows fall before you
I’ll stand by your side
Through the pain
We conquer, unite as one forever

2 – Lost In Apathy

Our favor burns like embers in the wake of fallen men
Why won’t you remember the vision that we had?

We are the face of a generation broken
Have mercy on us we hold the truth on the tips of our tongues
Cover me, you cover me

I’m living life like I’m free again
Without a care in the world
I’m holding zero regrets
Not even God can save me

Come rescue my soul
Don’t let me rot in the grave like the rest
Come rescue my soul
God reach down to me

I’m shedding light on our focus
What I see is the reaction to a nightmare
I said I would stay if you listen
Now you’re gone and now you’re gone

We will fight
We are the voice of a nation

3 – Doomsday

We are fading from our soul
Without letting go
Let our faith renew all hope
Without letting go

The full effect of the front line
Waving a banner for the hell of it
Holding truth no matter who it hurts
Bold in chaos zero regrets
You’re the father of lies
Bouncing back to the free world
Fallen, you have fallen
Taking your faith as weakness

Bound through chaos we thrive
Our inconvenience has left you wanting
You burn

So calm and collected seeing the pain
In what you’ve created
Blinded by self worth from every soul
Feel the fire

Would you break from your freedom?
Given the choice before the fall
Start with our failures, set it off
Even now you’re relentless fueled by rage
When the fool meets the hard road
Give him strength, give him strength

4 – Chaos Theory

Hold the bottle to your throat before you breakdown
Light pierces though the glass before you give up
Life is simple, living the dream
Holding my cup filled three fingers deep

We are the broken
Here for the moment

We won’t believe you are hopeless
Praying for you with tongues of fire
Look at me when I tell you
You were loved at your first breath

Broken promise starts to spread
Where only thoughts can hurt you
You won’t let go until you’re dead

You will never escape this
Unless you drop the act as if you wanted it
Life is a blur fearing the fall
The past is one thing I’m not afraid of

5 – LionHeart

You feel the weight and then you burst through the strongholds
Tearing through flesh with the heart of a lion
We were built for war masked in pain as we scream out your name
With the heart of a lion we crave, we crave
I scream out your name, hear me

Shed the weight from your past
Here is your chance to set this world on fire
Digging deep in the depths of your hell
Realize you were meant for so much more

We are the revolution of a broken dream
The remnants of a wounded past
This belongs to us so don’t claim it for yourself

Are you afraid of us now?
Don’t write us off when we fall
We are found in the battlefield holding our own
Son bring us home

Where are your sons, where are your daughters?
Make a stand until the sky rains fire
We are we are the chosen

6 – On Broken Wings

Why am I afraid of the fall?
Begging to hide every lie drifting further from home.
Now forced to feed from the bottom, I would die to be in your arms
Break free from your idols, break free from your fear
Put to death every concept that we were forced to believe

So shall I be saved from my enemies
The sorrows of death surround me
I cry out for you

Show your true self, laying the path to your grave
I laid the foundation now it’s time to breathe on your own
Forever is the cry of your heart now revealed
Forever every tongue will confess you are God

We are the fallen

7 – Amber Alert

When I held you in my arms
I knew you would be a reflection of the man that I am
I will fight for you, I will fight for you
Leading you through the fires of pain
I don’t have a choice
I will not compromise

I will face myself, as the reflection in the mirror equals the pain I felt
You will last the dawn when you follow me
I know your heart is strong, but am I ready to accept what you’ll become?
Take my lead I’ve been through it all

Take my hand say a prayer and come alive
Become a force to remember as our worlds collide
There’s nothing to fear
Nothing to be afraid of

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil for thou art with me

8 – Renegade

You expect every word to scream forgiveness
Like a puppet filled with noise to fit your system
I come from filth raised in hate
Shaking your head like I should live a different way

We stand in the shadows of fallen men
Begging others to listen
Dwelling in the midst of Godless youth
Screaming Father forgive us

Let the pain run its course
if it suits you claiming that it’s anything but heartless
Preying on trust, but here’s the thing
You will never control me

We are created from flesh and blood
We stand beside a King for the world to see

9 – Ecstasy

The world we crave bleeds perfect blood
We suffer from freedom, in every choice we make
And every wound we seek.
We couldn’t wait for perfect love,
Finding what we needed in a blink of an eye
And a turn of the page

I feel like it’s over
Enraged through my dying shame

Burst, we burst through the cycle
The same song played over again
Screaming never again until my heart’s content
Who will save me from myself?
The look on our face reeks of pleasure and pain
Masked in endless shame

I gave her everything, she left me wrecked and on my back
I gave her everything, swallowed in hate that I created

10 – Still Small Voice

You are my, my everything
Bruised and broken
I need you, sweet serenade
You see our pain and you feel it

Hands tightly clenched on a wall of remembrance
As your life slowly hangs by a thread
Now every choice bares its consequences
Baring truth to every lie you’ve ever made

I stand before you helpless
You see my faith put to flight
Can you hear me?

Step to the edge of your final warning
Loving the filth yet afraid of the fall
One day I believe you’ll be stronger
Living free as a constant reminder

Know in your heart that you’re living a lie
Playing the part watching your life pass by