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Pride of the Wicked

1 – Guide For the Helpless

Can I withstand the pain that dwells within?
I won’t let go for my wounds are far too deep.
I’m on my knees in submission to the pain I’ve caused.
Will I give in or can I find the will to breathe again.
I never thought I’d be on my own.
Now bring me peace that shelters me.
You shed you blood just so I could live again.
For a time I walked in darkness yet you were there to lead me through.
Hear me.
Take my hand.
Lead me from this place.
Guide my heart.
I am yours.
I give myself to you.
Bring us hope.
Give us strength.
Now set us free.

2 – Rise From the Ashes

I gave my life for you just to feel your touch again.
Here’s my heart one last time.
Hold me close within your arms.
I’ve tried to hide my pain and yet your eyes see straight through me.
Will this night ever end?
Why can’t I let go?
The time has come for the broken hearted to stand as one.
Our time has come.
I find hope when I look into your eyes.
A sense of warmth that I’ve never felt before.
Is it enough to mend a broken heart?
I can’t believe I’ve let it go so far.
We try to find words to fill our voids.
When will we learn that our lies kill?
Everything we know will die and turn to dust.
Step out of the cold.
Say your last prayer.
You’ve built your walls now watch them burn.
Rise from the ashes we will stand strong.
This is our anthem.
Let it be known that we will fight for our life.
I have strayed far away from you and tried so hard to understand the reasons why.
My heart bleeds for you to enter me and heal all the pain inside that I felt over the years.
Here’s my heart.
We see the strength of men and now our minds have shaped through time.
Will this night ever end?
Why can’t I let go?
The time has come for the broken hearted to stand as one.
Our time has come.
I can’t believe that it’s gone so far.

3 – Strength Within

Show me your strength; this is our time to bleed.
We’ve suffered for far too long.
I won’t give in.
We’ll fight.
We’ll fight.
I’ve never felt so alone.
Will I ever find my way? You chose to hide in fear.
In fear.
Will we find strength within to fight against this world we’re in?
As my soul pants forth it thirsts and longs for you.
My tears have ran dry.
All my hope is in you.
I won’t hide behind my faith to keep me safe.
The time has come for us to rise against our fear and lead a world that hides its shame.
I hope we’ll rise at the chance to live again.
The pain that dwells inside have run their roots far too deep.
We swallow at the chance to truly live because we chose to hid behind suffering.
If we fight against our emptiness and battle through our many losses.
Will we have the chance to breathe again in a world that tells us we are nothing?

4 – Absence of Fear

Once again I’m lead through my own nightmare.
Inside me the pain I bear wounds my soul.
My emptiness healed my wounds and left me helpless.
I never thought that I’d feel so alone.
Is there hope for me? For I am broken.
I refuse to believe this is the end for me.
Here I am suffering.
Bring me hope.
I’ll sacrifice all I am.
For one last breath.
Just to taste what it’s like to be free and cast aside all the wounds that hinder me.
Now rise up, cast down your fears.
Your time has come.

5 – The Fall of Pride

Cast aside all your doubt.
We march along the blood stained trails, tangled with the web of our fate.
Any second could be our last.
An army will for at the gates.
With swords drawn we attack deceit.
The weak will perish at your feet as the earth gives birth to death.
Your lies won’t take this war from me.
We march to the beat of your heart.
The sound of your voice flows through us as we stand to face our past.
The chains we bear hold us down.
Overwhelming our every move.
We never thought it would be like this.
We’re held down by our lust for pride.
Create is us a warriors heart as we battle for an open mind.
Give me strength to pass the test of time.
I know I’ll fight for you.
I know this is all you’ve asked of me but can I just let go.
Lay down your life and put to rest all our doubt.
Free us from our lies for we are made new.
You gather our sorrow in life.
We’ve fallen from your light and grace.

6 – Heart of a Warrior

We indulge in lust while our city burns to the ground.
As the heavens open we step forth through the flames.
Pour out your sight upon me.
Strip my heart and leave me bare so I may live free from the very lie that hinders me.
I give my all to you.
You’ve saved me from my pain.
I’ll hold true and never fall away.
As the flood washes over me I’ll survive and follow you.
Come take this pride from me.
Lead me into a place of rest.
The only things I ask of you is that you hold me close.
The time has come to rise and bring a nation to their knees.
Our suffering is at its end and now it’s time for us to stand.
Create in us a barren wasteland filled with flames of burning pride.
From the ashes we will rise against the prophets of staggered lies.
I now see why we must fight for our lives.
The earth will shake as the legions prepare.
This army is thicker than blood.
Stand as a warrior against our darkest fate.
We’ll put an end to pride.
Our mere sight will cause the dead to rise.

7 – Aftermath

Light has dawned.
I’ve emerged to hide my face in disgust.
Reach for me in that day.
Ease the storm that’s plagued me.
Although we live in darkness, will a torch ever burn and give us light as we close our eyes.
We’ve decided to walk alone, flirting with our arrogance.
The clouds roll in as our heads hang.
Lord, fill our mouths and our lives with your words.
I will life my voice and stand so we may live.
And fight the pride that holds me in place.
For I am not a slave to my fear.
Hide no more and leave your anchors at bay.
Surfaced the grave that’s buried too deep.
Remove the dagger held by my lungs.
Hide no more.
Become a messenger.
Cry out a song of praise that is true.
Become a flesh that’s reborn.
Take the pride that darkens me.
Hear me.
For I won’t be help down by fear.
No one will ever quench my thirst.
For I long for a better life.
I’ll fight.

8 – Bitter Sweet

Death over life.
A blueprint you have drawn.
Silence over sound.
Your casket awaits six feet deep.
Rage over mercy.
The blood drains from your wrist.
The champion holds his title no more.
Six demons wait patiently for their chance to attack.
You claim that no ones around.
I say look past the gun.
Lift the veil and see all that share their love.
Don’t feel that death is the way.
The deaf try to carry a tune while the blind fall on their face.
But adversity will never slow them down.
Now look inside.
Wipe my slate clean.
Stop this tonight.
Value everyday as precious and worthwhile.
A change you’ll see when black turns to white.
Let it go.
Blood stained walls.
This blade is dead weight at best.
Grab your throat.
This body hangs by a knot.
Burn your mask.
God tear these scales from my eyes.
Pure at heart this burden haunts me no more.

9 – Silenced Insecurities

You’ve never felt an ounce of shame and now you’ve closed your thoughts away.
You bow your heads and close your eyes only to feel your own securities.
We fall then ask God why have you forsaken us.
You’ll never break me down.
I’ll fight through my pride.
Stand strong.
You’ll never take my faith.
I can’t be held down.
Stand strong.
Every time I fall you are there to reach down to me.
You take my hand, lift me up and hold me close within your arms.
And now I sense the time has come to pay back the hurt that was once shown.
So here I am.
I’m asking you to stand and fight with me as one.
We stand up to our feet and cry out: it’s time for war.
The hour has come for us to raise our hands and bring a change on this world.
Silence our insecurities from our lips.
Let your trumpets sound.

10 – Stone By Stone

I used to look at my life and ask god why.
How could this happen to me?
You’ve betrayed me at first breath.
Every time I turn to walk you were there to knock me down.
Here I am down on my knees again.
Give me a reason to live or help me understand why I feel I’m at war.
And my only hearts cry.
Let me hear the sound of your voice.
I know I’m not just here.
Bring purpose for my life.
Even now that my passion grows inside me I can’t fight it.
Even now the balance that I held has fallen and buried me.
Everything that we felt from birth until now has helped build us into who we are.
Brick by brick.
Stone by stone.
We were built brick by brick to make a stand for all to see.
I see now what we were meant for.
We were born and bred for war.
We’re scared and plagued with pain.
Yet without hesitation we’re sent out in the middle of a war and told to survive.
How is this fair?
We take a look at the world and see that it’s struggling, scared, and falling apart.
Yet we stare straight into the eyes of the world and press on even though it screams back you’ll fail.
Yes this world is struggling, scared, and falling apart.
However, this world wasn’t built to last and we are.
Each one of us have desires within that we must fight for.
The enemy is cunning and will try to attack us where our defenses are most weak.
During these times we mustn’t close our eyes and harden our hearts in fear.
We must turn and face our enemy and fight for every last breath.
The road is long, hard and filled with trials and temptation.
When we fall we must have the strength to pick ourselves back up and press on.