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We are the hope
We are the faceless
We are humanity

Make me a god and turn us creator
How foolish am I
Look at us and what we’ve become
We’re loosing sight of humanity

By the hands of man
Though you can’t understand
Will it last you forever
You are full of lies
Denied by all of your pain
Will it last you forever

No more questions
So follow me
Stripped of consequence
No questions asked
Blinded by false hope
You are the great I am

Consequences stripped blinded by false hope
You see the face of their god
This creation has become the creator
You see the face of my God

We are the creation
You see the face of my God


Welcome to the free world bear your cross
Through the lines of a mine field
Find a pulse beneath the dive bomb
Social reform will never bury me

God give me the strength to carry though
We’ll battle on we will battle on
Stand firm in the light of his Son
We’ll battle on we will battle on

It burns within us
Holding all we know
Let him heal you

So hold me in your arms
And let me dwell within your favor
Lead me through the fullness of you
Never let go

Even when my flesh takes over me
We’ll battle on we will battle on
We trust in the heart of his Son
We’ll battle on we will battle on

I will stand in the midst of his design
Culture revive humiliation of my condition


Rise and fall
Set me on fire
Kill the pain
Tear out my fear

Choke the fear from my heart
Falling through this world
Break the chains that bind me
Watch it burn away

Show me how we can protect them
Overwhelmed by hate
Will I learn how to reach you
Overwhelmed by hate

Fear of what the world will think
Shattered by death and truth
Crossed over the constant
Fear of my repentance

Blind by rage
Buried alive
Rise and fall
Carried through death


Your spirit is in conflict
Idle hands are driven by your own design
Baptized in the blood of the innocent
Here’s your god here’s your god

You played your selfish game
And reached a tipping point
Enslaved by deception
My God is everlasting
Enslaved in a world of impurity

Here is your platform of
Mass destruction
Pointing your finger like you know me
Only believing in the one true God
And your pride shall come as they fall

We are bound by honor and integrity
God give us the courage on this battleground

You wanted to save me
You promised and told a lie
I feel like it’s over
We are drowning

Cover me

The false peace only brought you pain
Shifting the blame and feeling the pressure
In the moment in every moment
These idle hands have made you a slave


I stand before you
We find ways to hide our attention
Fall down on your knees
Find fault in the lines of addiction

Cuts become the violation
Defined by the edge of a knife
And broken and worthless I am worthless
Defined by the edge of a knife
Will this nightmare end

Now turn away
I’m dying inside
I’m breathing without you
I’ve fallen before

Now turn away

Take the gun fill the clip your choice now cock it
You scream release
One life nothing more in this reality trip
You scream my God my God my God

Take a step back

We are the voice
We are the voice of the broken

Bow down to your knees
Burn through the ashes


Choke you choke on the lies of perfection
Crawling back to the god you’ve become

What you face is a constant reminder
To the pain that you caused with your flesh

Severely devoted to myself
Revealing it all in a moment
Why can’t you wait why can’t you wait for me
And hold me through the storm

You’ll pay the price
She’s crawling back to you
You’ll pay the price
Buried alive in the depths of a mine field

Choke imbalanced waves of imperfection
Your world has now been broken
Flesh is the breath of her affection
No rest when you’re abandoned

Will you save me from myself before I break
I will surrender to your name before I break

Rip your soul from the inside
Looking at us to forgive to forgive
Tear your soul from the inside
Life is a trap when you’re abandoned

It grabs your soul
While ripping you
From the inside
She’s crawling back

Pride will be the curse of your destruction
The truth is buried within your heart


Shut your mouth burst through insanity
Controlling the minds from the moment of conception
Holding the youth in the peak of their innocence
Crawling around in the dark for weakness
Shedding light in the home feeding corruption
Breathing death instead of life in full motion

Pride comes before the fall
Open your eyes before the lies sink in
God give them eyes to see
Dying inside burn through integrity

Will they ever see through deception
Balancing beneath insecurity
I will never lose my connection
Following throughout all eternity

Fill the void of the cross with broken dreams
It’s a play to rip you from reality
Give us strength let them see what they’ve done to me
Don’t let them be swept away by society


The final conflict of our moral right
Expectations becoming dead straight to the core

Look into the mirror
I am responsible
Look into the mirror
My reflection is what I’ve become
Staring straight right through the heart

Liar plagued by your sin
Forgiven redeemed by the blood of the lamb

From the moment of creation
Our roles are not reversible
Society kills our relationship
Driving a wedge between us

I will never be held down
By your false belief
We rise to our feet
Making a stand
For the world to see

Stay the course
As the pressure falls on you
Never back down
Revived by the flames
As the heat holds you in

Fight through the emotion
Reaching the highest depth
Reach down to me
Set me on fire
Setting your Spirit free


Death to your movement
The fear the fear is crippling
Truth purged by evil
Prepare your hearts for war

Crawling in the depths of your freedom
Waiting for your death amidst the battlefield

Forcing yourself to play the victim
Lies of separation

We are rebellion
Fight through corruption